Modifications and Rectifications

Modifications and Rectifications

Modifications and rectification of minor and larger-scale structures, fittings, pipes and assemblies.
Door frame rectification and repair in industrial facilities, commercial and high-rise buildings.

Modifications & Rectifications Capabilities

  • Problem diagnosis and recommendations for recertification.
  • Engineering and functional design capabilities to undertake rectifications to solve problems and restore intended functionality and performance.
  • Innovative approaches that minimise time and cost in rectifying problems

Modifications & Rectifications Projects

Membrane Loading Installation/Replacement

Metal Maintenance recently used an innovative system and methodology to replaced over 3,400 2nd pass, and over 13,300 1st pass Reverse Osmosis Membranes at the Gold Coast Desalination Plant.

Refurbishment of Intake Screen at a WPS

The refurbishment of these 2 intake screens will allow the plant to continue to meet the required performance to provide a reliable and long-term system for effectively collecting debris in the raw water intake tunnels.

Laser Alignment of Rotating Equipment

Metal Maintenance can perform alignment checks completed to client or manufacturer specifications, regular alignment checks will reduce equipment wear and vibrations and increase equipment life.

Maintenance Shade Sails and Posts at a WTP

Scope of works included the fabrication and installation new hot dipped galvanised posts from Practical Engineering`s design, that supported the shade sail covers at a water treatment plant.

Water Treatment Plants Vermin Proofing

Existing Vermin Proofing (shade cloth) and screens under the whirly birds at water treatment plants were failing and non-compliant.
In addition all the fascia and cross bracing needed replacing.

Winch and Trash Screens Installation at Dam

Supply, installation and commissioning of an electric chain hoist and all lifting accessories. Installation of new trash screens and guide rails and operator training on the new winch system.

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