Water Treatment Plant Maintenance

Metal Maintenance can offer you a customised turnkey water treatment and reverse osmosis plant maintenance solution. This will cover the complete range of maintenance, and plant support requirements to ensure that your equipment continues to deliver maximum value throughout its expected life and at the lowest cost.

The Benefits of our Preventative Maintenance Solution are Clear, You can:

  • Improve the profit and profitability of your company,
  • Increase the operational performance of your plant and equipment,
  • Increase the resource utilisation to gain maximum benefit,
  • Reduce breakdowns, down-times and prevent unforeseen problems,
  • Reduce the cost of repairs by employing ongoing maintenance,
  • Protect the value and longevity of your valuable assets.

Metal Maintenance is the leading maintenance specialist in the water treatment sector. We believe that a fully tailored preventative maintenance solution is far more than just a good idea, It’s a strategic one! We can offer you professional consistent, ongoing maintenance of your equipment by highly experienced personnel. This will extend the life of your equipment and in the end, save to money!

Examples of current and past work and supply arrangements include the following:

Metal Maintenance is a lead supplier for maintenance and plant support to Veolia Water Australia with long term contracts for maintenance, cleaning and painting.

The company maintains the plant in “hot–standby” for the Gold Coast Desalination Plant as required by the Qld Government.

“The Gold Coast Desalination Plant is a 125 ML/d (46 gigalitres per year) reverse osmosis, water desalination plant located in Bilinga, a seaside suburb of the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia. It supplies water to the South East Queensland region via the South East Queensland Water Grid.

The plant first supplied water to the grid in February 2009. It is owned by Seqwater and operated by Veolia. As of Summer, 2020/2021, the plant is operating at maximum production capacity.

Water supplies in south east Queensland reached very low levels during Australia’s ‘Millennium drought’, primarily from 2003 to 2009. The region’s major water storages reached around 50% of capacity in mid-2005 and 20% in mid-2007. In response to this worsening situation a range of water infrastructure projects were proposed to bolster supplies in south east Queensland.

The Gold Coast City Council initially developed a plan for a 55 ML/day desalination plant during 2005., which was anticipated to cost around $260 million. Due to worsening drought conditions, in 2006 the Queensland Government joined with the Gold Coast to expand the plan to a 133 ML/day plant that could share output with the entire region. The Queensland Government contributed $869 million to the expanded project, which was to be developed through a 50:50 joint venture”

Source – Wikipedia

“The Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme, a recycled water project, is located in the South East region of Queensland in Australia. The scheme that is managed by WaterSecure is a key part of the SEQ Water Grid constructed by the Queensland Government in response to population growth, climate change and severe drought. The A$2.5 billion project is reported as the largest recycled water project in Australia.

The Western Corridor is the area from Brisbane’s south west suburbs towards the city of Ipswich. For many years the corridor has experienced significant population growth with the development of the suburb of Springfield and the resultant extension of the Centenary Highway and the upgrade to the Ipswich Motorway.

The scheme involved the construction of three advanced water treatment plants constructed at Bundamba, Luggage Point and Gibson Island, which draw water from six existing wastewater treatment plants in the region to produce up to 232 megalitres of purified recycled water daily. The water is distributed via a network of pipelines measuring more than 200 kilometres in length. Construction began on the Recycled Water Project in 2006 and completed in late 2008. A$408 million of funding was provided by the Australian Government via its Water Smart Australia Program.

In Stage 1 of the project the scheme has provided an alternative water source for Swanbank Power Station and both Tarong Power Station and Tarong North Power Station. Supplies to Swanbank started in 2007 and supplies to Tarong and Tarong North started in June 2008.

The system has the capacity to provide water to other industrial users, agricultural users and to supplement drinking water supplies in Wivenhoe Dam. Testing of the pipeline to Wivenhoe Dam has been conducted, however in November 2008, Premier Anna Bligh declared that recycled water will not enter the dam unless levels drop to below 40%. As of May 2009, the three power stations are the main customers of the recycled water, consuming 112 megalitres per day.

Since coming online in August 2007, through to July 2010, the Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme has supplied more than 37 thousand megalitres of water into the SEQ Water Grid.”

Source – Wikipedia

Metal Maintenance is a lead supplier for maintenance and facilities support to Veolia Water Australia with long term contracts for maintenance at these water treatment facilities.

Preferred supplier and panel member for maintenance and minor works. This covers specialized engineering services, maintenance and minor works for SEQ Water Southern Region (from Brisbane to Tweed Heads).

Our Capabilities

  • Technical recommendations and maintenance planning for industrial plants. This covers minimising down-time and implementing cost effective strategies for maintenance.
  • Mechanical fitting of equipment and systems in new and brownfield sites.
  • Pump installation, maintenance and rectification.
  • Horizontal laser alignment of pumps and drives.
  • High pressure pump inspections and rebuilds.
  • Welding services including SAF welding, certified and specialist welding.
  • Working with super duplex materials.
  • Dosing lines.
  • Maintenance of oil transfer units
  • Oil filtration of hydraulic units.
  • Hazardous and confined space installation and maintenance.
  • Emergency and breakdown maintenance services provided 24/7 to clients.

Wappa Dam
New Winch and Trash Screens Installation

Supply, installation and commissioning of an electric chain hoist and all lifting accessories. Installation of new trash screens and guide rails and operator training on the new winch system.
Client: SEQ Water

North Stradbroke Island Water Treatment Plants Vermin Proofing

Existing Vermin Proofing (shade cloth) and screens under the Whirly Birds at Dunwich, Amity Point & Point Lookout WTP were failing and non-compliant. In addition, fascia and cross bracing at Point Lookout needed replacing.
Client: SEQ Water

Mt Crosby Eastbank WTP Switchboard Roof Structure

Works included the fabrication and installation a new roof over an existing switchboard to provide weather protection during maintenance tasks for the electrical switchboard, without affecting switchboard operation.
Client: SEQ Water

Luggage Point AWWTP Sulphuric Acid Skid Pipe Upgrade and Pressure Test

Part of the recommissioning works of the Luggage Point Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant, the sulphuric acid system had been identified as high risk of failure due to the age of the plastic piping.
Client: Veolia Water

Protective Coatings
Site Painting
of GRP Tank

The original coating was degrading and would have reduced the tank life. Scaffolding was erected around the entire tank, abrade the surface to relevant standards and recoated the tank with epoxy paints.
Client: Veolia Water

Mount Crosby East Bank WPS – Refurbishment of Intake Screen

The refurbishment of these 2 intake screens will allow the plant to continue to meet the required performance to provide a reliable and long-term system for effectively collecting debris in the raw water intake tunnels.
Client: SEQ Water

Kooralbyn Water Treatment Plant – Temporary Storage Tanks

Supply and install 3 x water tanks and associated piping for temporary storage while work was carried out on the roof on the main storage reservoir at the Kooralbyn Water Treatment Plant
Client: SEQ Water

Alignment Checks,
Laser Alignment of
Rotating Equipment

Metal Maintenance can perform alignment checks completed to client or manufacturer specifications, regular alignment checks will reduce equipment wear and vibrations and increase equipment life.
At Various Sites

High Pressure Pump Overhaul at the
Gold Coast WTP

Metal Maintenance was required to dismantle, conduct durability inspections, reports, reassemble and then the commissioning of the high-pressure pumps at the Gold Coast Desalination Plant.
Client: Gold Coast Desalination Plant

Heinemann Rd Reservoirs 2 & 3 – Roof Gutters and Stormwater Works

Metal Maintenance designed and constructed roof gutters and stormwater systems for Heinemann Road Reservoirs 2 & 3 and flooring replacement at Heinemann Road Water Pump Station.
Client: SEQ Water

Wolleebee Creek
Northern WTP
Heat Exchanger Clean

Metal Maintenance used high pressure jet rod to descale the vent condenser at the Woleebee Creek Northern WTP. The vent condenser on the brine concentrator becomes blocked and results in reduced flows.
Client: Veolia Water

Gravity Thickener Refurbishment – Luggage Point WWTP

Metal Maintenance were contracted by Veolia Water to dismantle and Refurbish Gravity Thickener, including service of the drive gearbox at the Luggage Point Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Client: Veolia Water

Fluoride Hopper Shut Off Valve Install at Mudgeeraba WTP

Concept design of gate valves that eliminates the requirement of manual handling associated with a manually operated valve. The fluoride powder sits in the valve slide and makes them difficult to fully close.
Client: SEQ Water

Mudgeeraba Water Treatment Plant – Repair Filter Outlet Assemblies

The filter outlet pipework assembly and isolation valve spindles at Mudgeeraba WTP required replacement. There was varying levels of corrosion and some surfaces are not coated to prevent corrosion.
Client: SEQ Water

Design, Fabrication, and Installation of Chemical Dosing Skid Cabinets

Metal Maintenance designed, fabricated and installed custom-made safety cabinets on all of the chemical dosing skids at the Central and Relocatable Water Treatment Plants in Chinchilla.
Client: Veolia Water Operations

Capalaba Water Treatment Plant Maintenance, Shade Sails and Posts

Metal Maintenance fabricated and installed new Hot Dipped Galvanised posts form Practical Engineering`s design, that supported the shade sail covers at the Capalaba Water Treatment Plant.
Client: SEQ Water

Luggage Point WTP Centrifuge Overhaul and Service

Metal Maintenance was contracted by Veolia Water to undertake the 6000hr Service and miscellaneous maintenance of their Andritz Centrifuge at the Luggage Point Advanced Water Treatment Plant.
Client: Veolia Water

Bundamba West Pump Station – New Transfer Pump Bypass

The objective of the project was to undertake the recommended pipework changes ensuring the ongoing supply of PRW to Swanbank Power Station, as the existing pipework was not designed for long term use.
Client: Veolia Water

Boonah Kalbar WTP Treated Water Reservoir Vermin Proofing

Metal Maintenance was contracted by SEQ Water to undertake vermin proofing to the treated water reservoir roofing and associated structures and fittings at the Boonah Kalbar Water Treatment Plant.
Client: SEQ Water

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