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Our Team

Our team consists of only of highly skilled personnel, which enables us to deliver a service which is second to none. Our business prides itself on our excellent response time, high quality workmanship, reliable service and a high standard of safety.

Our customers benefit from a reliable contractor who works with them in a collaborative manner to add maximum value to a project. The Metal Maintenance Management Team’s primary role is to ensure all projects run smoothly, on time and to the complete satisfaction of our clients. We do all we can to ensure the lines of communication between the client and Metal Maintenance are maintained at all times.

Employee Development

Metal Maintenance ensures that all employees are trained and continue to be trained to retain necessary skills, qualifications and to assist in the personal development of all staff members. The success of Metal Maintenance can be directly related to a well-trained and motivated workforce. Employees that are able to participate in a dynamic training and development program gain a feeling of job satisfaction, which translates into pride in individual performance, their job, service and the employer.

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