Installation of Chemical Dosing Skid Cabinets

Design, Fabrication, and Installation of Chemical Dosing Skid Safety Cabinets

Overview of Project:

Veolia have entered into a Contract with QGC for the long-term operations and maintenance of Water Treatment Facilities located in the Surat Basin in the Chinchilla area as a part of the Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG) project.

The Project involves expanding QGC’s existing coal seam gas production in the Surat Basin of Southern Queensland.  The extraction of natural gas trapped in coal seams requires pumping water out of the coal seam to release the gas from the coal. This involves managing large quantities of water.  An array of infrastructure including pipelines, ponds and treatment plants, allow QGC to extract, transport and treat coal seam water prior to its beneficial re-use.

There are three development areas – the Northern, Central and Southern Water development areas – there are four Water Treatment Facilities (WTF) either operational or under construction. The water management system includes Water Treatment Facilities incorporating reverse osmosis treatment to transform associated water into a resource suitable for beneficial re-use opportunities.

Currently a total of 16 chemical dosing skids are available at Central Water Treatment Facility (CWTF), and further 12 chemical dosing skids at Relocatable Water Treatment Facility (RWTF). 

No protection against the sunlight is available on the dosing skids. This accelerates the degradation of the pipework on the skids. 

There is also a risk of chemical exposure to personnel in the vicinity in the event of an equipment failure.

It is therefore necessary to provide transparent cabinets to protect against sunlight, and a barrier against chemical exposure.

Scope of Works:

The purpose of this scope of services is to define the requirements for the design, fabrication and installation of custom-made safety cabinets on all of the dosing skids at CWTP and RWTP. 

All works will be in accordance with all relevant Australian Standards and statutory regulations and the requirements of QGC Standards and BG Group Standards.

Construction Activities:

  • Design

Metal Maintenance designed all dosing skids, this involved visiting the site get measurements to ensure all fabrications would fit as required.  Metal maintenance prepared the design of safety cabinets for 16 dosing skids for CWTF and 12 dosing skids for RWTF, also for design of safety cabinets for 4 dosing skids for Boiler.  The concept design was submitted to Veolia’s Representative for comment and approval and the final design was submitted to VWOs Representative prior to the commencement of Work

  • Fabrication

Metal Maintenance then fabricated the safety cabinets for 16 dosing skids for CWTF and 12 dosing skids for RWTF, also for design of safety cabinets for 4 dosing skids for Boiler, at their fabrication facility in Currumbin.


Metal Maintenance provided all labour, equipment and material necessary for the installation of all cabinets and associated accessories on all dosing skids, including: Site preparation; liaison with Veolia Water Operations (VWO) for isolations, work permits and JSEA reviews; disconnection of services as required for installation; relocation of safety switch outside the cabinet; trimming of handrails; installation of cabinets; reconnection of services; and demobilisation.


The project was completed on time and on budget. Veolia Water was happy with the works completed.

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