Mount Crosby East Bank WPS – Refurbishment of Intake Screen



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Mount Crosby East Bank Water Pumping Station

Mount Crosby East Bank Water Pumping Station – Refurbishment of Intake Screen

Overview of Project:

Refurbish Intake Screen – The intake screens ensure no debris that could damage the pump stations passes through and are essential for required flow.  There are 3 screens – 2 in use and one spare. 2 of the screens are not fit for purpose

The refurbishment of these 2 intake screens will allow the plant to continue to meet the required performance to provide a reliable and long-term system for effectively collecting debris in the raw water intake tunnels.

Scope of Works:

The screens were repaired by:

  • Undertaking a condition assessment
  • replacing the galvanized mesh, nuts and bolts as per the scope of works.
  • the free issue annodes and hardwood were prefitted and removed prior to blasting and painting
  • the repaired screens were then blasted and painted as per WSA 201.t
  • the screens were fully assembled in the Metal Maintenance workshop and returned to site for the Principal to reinstall.

This process was then repeated for the 2nd screen

Conclusion/Outcome: With the help of Neumann Contractors for blasting and painting the project was delivered on time and on budget and potentially will be carried out by Metal Maintenance every 2 years

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