Sulphuric Acid Skid Pipe Upgrade and Pressure Test

Sulphuric Acid Skid Pipe Upgrade and Pressure Test

Overview of Project:

Part of the recommissioning works of the plant, the sulphuric acid system had been identified as high risk of failure due to the plastic piping and age of the piping.

Scope of Works:

Re engineer and replace all the plastic pipe and valves with stainless steel, pressure test with nitrogen.


Working with sulphuric acid components, working in chemical bunds, in situ testing with nitrogen, ensuring no water or moisture is present in the pipeline.


The original skid was 3D scanned and fabrication drawing developed, all pipework was fabricated off site and later installed. Pressure and leak testing were completed on site as part of the recommissioning process of the skid. The skid has been back in service for over 12 months without any issues or leaks.

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