Switchboard Roof Structure at a WTP

Plant Switchboard Roof Structure at WTP

Overview of Project:

Fabricate and install a new roof for weather protection during maintenance.  A new electrical switchboard was installed in 2012 and was exposed to the elements The switchboard is an important component to the operations of the plant and cannot be isolated whilst the plant is running.

A protective shielding roof structure was required to be fabricated and installed over the switchboard without affecting the any operation of the switchboard.

Scope of Works:

Fabricate and install a new roof over an existing switchboard to provide weather protection during maintenance tasks for the electrical switchboard.


Complete roof structure was fabricated off site and lifted into position with a 35 tonne slew crane which reduced site install down to 2 days.


Challenges were location of existing electrical services, which was overcome by concrete scanning and the design was based around not affecting those services.

Other trades on site, during this work the filters were being upgraded which meant a lot of additional trades on site, therefore the plan to fabricate off site and crane into position reduced the site install time.


On time and on budget with no defects.

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