New Transfer Pump Bypass at Bundamba WPS

Bundamba West Pumping Station – New Transfer Pump Bypass

Overview of Project:

Currently, temporary mapress 316 SS bypass pipework within the Bundamba West pump station is used to supply water from Eastern Pipeline to the Bundamba Treated Water tanks. It was identified that a fit-for-purpose designed pipework required to replace the temporary solution for ongoing supply.  The pipework changes will ensure the ongoing supply of PRW to the Bundamba Treated Water Tank TNK5201 for supply to Swanbank Power Station.

Scope of Works:

The objective of the project was to undertake the recommended pipework changes ensuring the ongoing supply of PRW to Swanbank Power Station, as the existing temporary pipework was not designed for long term use.

Construction Activities:

We confirmed all site measurements and site information to ensure successful execution of works and verify Cardno drawings for the development of fabrication drawings for spools, brackets and platforms.  This was carried out with a site scan from Ferrier Engineering. Information will be required to be supplied from the RPEQ Certifier to the drafter.  Metal Maintenance would request this information be returned in a timely manner, preferably same day, so it does not delay the drafting and drawing development.  All requests were submitted via email to Veolia Project Manager for approval.  Drafting was submitted for RPEQ review and certification by Cardno.   Once written approval was received ordering of equipment and fabrication of spooling and platforms will follow.


  • DN300 Control Valve, DN300 Gate Valve Challenger Gate Valve & Concrete lined pipe spools.

Site Works

The electrical components were disconnected prior to the arrival on site of Metal Maintenance.

Metal Maintenance carried out the removal of all redundant equipment and spools to enable the existing concrete plinth to be cut down prior to the installation of new equipment and spools.

 Mobilization and Site Set-Up

  • We obtained Permit to Work with any high-risk permits (JSEA or SWMS were issued for review prior work commencing),
  • Set up work area (noting that other works planned to occur in Bundamba West Pump Station in same period),
  • NOTE: All isolations and drain down works were completed by Veolia Water (Workers will be required to lock on to Lock box and follow all the principals LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out) procedures.

Installation of new equipment and pipework

All new pipework and equipment were installed as per design requirements.


Pipework pressure test reports (new spool pieces), onsite hydrostatic tests at completion of works prior to commissioning and basic equipment testing (for all valves supplied)


Removal of all site generated waste, Return of work area to clean and tidy state


The project was completed on time and on budget.  Veolia Water was happy with the works completed.

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