Metal Maintenance Projects

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Winch and Trash Screens Installation at Dam

Supply, installation and commissioning of an electric chain hoist and all lifting accessories. Installation of new trash screens and guide rails and operator training on the new winch system.

Water Treatment Plants Vermin Proofing

Existing Vermin Proofing (shade cloth) and screens under the whirly birds at water treatment plants were failing and non-compliant.
In addition all the fascia and cross bracing needed replacing.

Switchboard Roof Structure at a WTP

Works included the fabrication and installation a new roof over an existing switchboard to provide weather protection during maintenance tasks for the electrical switchboard, without affecting switchboard operation.

Sulphuric Acid Skid Pipe Upgrade and Pressure Test

Part of the recommissioning works of the Luggage Point Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant, the sulphuric acid system had been identified as high risk of failure due to the age of the plastic piping.

Protective Coatings Site Painting of GRP Tank

The original coating was degrading and would have reduced the tank life. Scaffolding was erected around the entire tank, abrade the surface to relevant standards and recoated the tank with epoxy paints.

Refurbishment of Intake Screen at a WPS

The refurbishment of these 2 intake screens will allow the plant to continue to meet the required performance to provide a reliable and long-term system for effectively collecting debris in the raw water intake tunnels.

Temporary Storage Water Tanks at a WTP

Scope of works was the supply and install three water tanks and associated piping for temporary storage while work was carried out on the roof on the main storage reservoir at the water treatment plant.

Laser Alignment of Rotating Equipment

Metal Maintenance can perform alignment checks completed to client or manufacturer specifications, regular alignment checks will reduce equipment wear and vibrations and increase equipment life.

High Pressure Pump Overhaul at GC WTP

Metal Maintenance was required to dismantle, conduct durability inspections, reports, reassemble and then the commissioning of the high-pressure pumps at the Gold Coast Desalination Plant.

Water Reservoirs Roof Gutters and Stormwater

Metal Maintenance designed and constructed roof gutters and stormwater systems for 2 water reservoirs. Also included in the scope of works was flooring replacement at the adjacent water pump station.

Wolleebee Creek Northern WTP Heat Exchanger Clean

Metal Maintenance used high pressure jet rod to descale the vent condenser at the Woleebee Creek Northern WTP. The vent condenser on the brine concentrator becomes blocked and results in reduced flows.

Gravity Thickener Refurbishment at WWTP

Metal Maintenance were contracted by Veolia Water to dismantle and refurbish the gravity thickener, this included the servicing the drive gearbox at Luggage Point Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Installation of Fluoride Hopper Shut Off Valves

Concept design of gate valves that eliminates the requirement of manual handling associated with a manually operated valve. The fluoride powder sits in the valve slide and makes them difficult to fully close.

Repair Filter Outlet Assemblies at a WTP

The filter outlet pipework assembly and isolation valve spindles at a water treatment plant required replacement. There was varying levels of corrosion and some surfaces are not coated to prevent corrosion.

Membrane Loading Installation/Replacement

Metal Maintenance recently used an innovative system and methodology to replaced over 3,400 2nd pass, and over 13,300 1st pass Reverse Osmosis Membranes at the Gold Coast Desalination Plant.

Installation of Chemical Dosing Skid Cabinets

Metal Maintenance designed, fabricated and installed custom-made safety cabinets on all of the chemical dosing skids at the Central and Relocatable Water Treatment Plants in Chinchilla.

Maintenance Shade Sails and Posts at a WTP

Scope of works included the fabrication and installation new hot dipped galvanised posts from Practical Engineering`s design, that supported the shade sail covers at a water treatment plant.

WTP Centrifuge Overhaul and Service

Metal Maintenance was contracted by Veolia Water to undertake the 6000hr Service and miscellaneous maintenance of their Andritz Centrifuge at the Luggage Point Advanced Water Treatment Plant.

New Transfer Pump Bypass at Bundamba WPS

The objective of the project was to undertake the recommended pipework changes ensuring the ongoing supply of PRW to Swanbank Power Station, as the existing pipework was not designed for long term use.

Treated Water Reservoir Vermin Proofing

Scope of works included fabrication and maintenance works associated with the vermin proofing to the treated water reservoir roofing and associated structures and fittings at a Water Treatment Plant.

The Growth of Metal Maintenance

Metal Maintenance’s continued growth flows from our high-quality work with companies such as:

  • Stowe Australia,
  • Gold Coast Desalination Alliance,
  • Veolia Water Operations,
  • John Holland,
  • Syntech,
  • Thiess,
  • QIC Real Estate and
  • Bovis Lend Lease, to name a few.

What We Have Worked On

Projects where Metal Maintenance services have been utilised, include:

  • Brisbane Convention Centre,
  • Gold Coast Desalination Plant,
  • Sydney Desalination Plant,
  • Carrara Metricon Stadium,
  • Dreamworld and Whitewater World,
  • Gold Coast Convention Centre,
  • Gold Coast University Hospital,
  • Hinze Dam Upgrade,
  • Q1 Tower,
  • Robina Town Centre Upgrade,
  • Skilled Park,
  • Soul,
  • Supreme Court Brisbane and many High Rise Buildings in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas.
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