General Fabrication and Welding

General Fabrication and welding

General metal fabrication of stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel to produce a wide range of items, including:

  • Casings and stands for electrical and instrumentation,
  • Bracket fabrication, including design and fabrication of a wide range of brackets using stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium.

This covers:

  • One-off brackets,
  • Cable tray and Instrumentation supports,
  • Decorative lights,
  • Pipe supports,
  • Stairways, railings and platforms,
  • Customised sheet metal and hat sections,
  • Sheet metal covers and panels,
  • Hoppers, containers and boxes,
  • Conduit and cabling covers,
  • Drum screens,
  • High-pressure cylinders,
  • Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) works.

General fabrication and Welding Capabilities

  • Our fabrication capabilities cover the full range, including cutting (laser and water jet), shearing, punching, CNC machining, drilling, milling, standard and specialised welding,
  • We specialised in innovative metal fabrication, including the design and fabrication of prototypes and products for clients,
  • Our vast experience enables us to offer advice on design for manufacturing and the cost of production,
  • Ou facility is set up in a way to provide cost-effective manufacturing solutions of short-run products.

General Fabrication & Welding Projects

Winch and Trash Screens Installation at Dam

Supply, installation and commissioning of an electric chain hoist and all lifting accessories. Installation of new trash screens and guide rails and operator training on the new winch system.

Maintenance Shade Sails and Posts at a WTP

Scope of works included the fabrication and installation new hot dipped galvanised posts from Practical Engineering`s design, that supported the shade sail covers at a water treatment plant.

Repair Filter Outlet Assemblies at a WTP

The filter outlet pipework assembly and isolation valve spindles at a water treatment plant required replacement. There was varying levels of corrosion and some surfaces are not coated to prevent corrosion.

WTP Centrifuge Overhaul and Service

Metal Maintenance was contracted by Veolia Water to undertake the 6000hr Service and miscellaneous maintenance of their Andritz Centrifuge at the Luggage Point Advanced Water Treatment Plant.

Switchboard Roof Structure at a WTP

Works included the fabrication and installation a new roof over an existing switchboard to provide weather protection during maintenance tasks for the electrical switchboard, without affecting switchboard operation.

Membrane Loading Installation/Replacement

Metal Maintenance recently used an innovative system and methodology to replaced over 3,400 2nd pass, and over 13,300 1st pass Reverse Osmosis Membranes at the Gold Coast Desalination Plant.

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